Advanced Course (8 Weeks) Oct 9-Nov 27

£600.00 Coming Soon

Image of Advanced Course (8 Weeks) Oct 9-Nov 27

Join us at Artfix Woolwich London on this 8 week advanced course!

Classes are 2 hours 7-9pm every Wednesday

Course Outline:

Week 1: Corset Making
Understanding measurements for corsets and corset dresses
Cutting patterns for corset zips and lace up designs

Week 2: Sewing Corsets
Learning how to use appropriate fabrics
Mechanics of inserting boning
How to sew fully lined corsets

Week 3: Adding Bras To Outfits
How to incorporate bras into outfits
Creating a fully made cup dress from start to finish

Week 4: Shortcuts to Sewing
Quick and easy sewing methods
Detached peplums, trails and skirts

Week 5: Evaluation of Work
Assessments into individual progress
Identifying areas of weakness
Tips and tricks to improve

Week 6: Alterations and Conversions
How to create a lace up back dress
How to alter and convert designs

Week 7: Use of Appliques
How to apply stones, flowers, beads tulips, roses etc
How to turn a basic outfit into a designer masterpiece
Gluing 101
Creating breast pads

Week 8: Designer 101
How to run a successful tailoring business
Tips and tricks of the trade