Intermediate Course (Feb 1-March 28th)


Image of Intermediate Course (Feb 1-March 28th)

8-week intensive sewing course for learners who already know how to use a sewing machine.

This course will teach you how to make garments from start to finish and level up your sewing skills. By the end of the course, you will know how to create couture beautiful couture garments without the need for commercial patterns.

Week 1: Fashion Illustration and Measuring
Introduction to the course
How to sketch designs
How to Effectively measure for different body types
How to bring your creativity to paper
Class Activities: Taking measurements and sketching designs.
Homework: Sketching a front and back design with measurements attached.

Week 2: Pattern Cutting (Freehand)
How to cut out patterns using freehand techniques
How to cut out different garments
Class Activities: Creating freehand patterns
Homework: Cutting out a fitted dress with correct measurements

Week 3: Easy Sewing Techniques and Lining
How to cut the lining to match garments
Quick and effective sewing techniques
Classes Activities: Cutting out linings.
Homework: Sewing lining into the pattern created in week 2

Week 4: How to pipe and apply Bias Bindings
How to neatly finish the ends of a garment
Sleeves, hems, necklines and lace-ups.
Class Activities: Sewing bias binding onto necklines and sleeves
Homework: Create a lace-up ribbon using the measurements provided

Week 5: Interfacing: How to Give Outfits Volume
Applying Gum stays, nets, wardings and horsewhips
Understanding the correct interfacing to apply onto different textures
Class Activities: Applying the different interfaces onto garments
Homework: Create a blouse and apply interfacing on the bust area

Week 6: How to Cut and Sew Bands
How to create bands for different outfit types e.g Skirts, dress bands and cuffs etc
Class Activities: Measuring out, cutting and sewing bands.
Homework: Create a skirt with a band inside

Week 7: Conversions and Appliques
How to turn plain basic outfits into glamorous looks
How to apply appliques: Swarovski, beads, 3D flowers and motifs
Class Activities: Creating rosettes/tulips with ribbons and organzas
Homework: Sketch, cut and sew your own design with appliques

Week 8: Showcase your Creativity and Graduation Day
Showcasing the designs you created in week 7 and explaining your creative process to the class
Graduation Ceremony


Image of Intermediate Course (Feb 1-March 28th) Image of Intermediate Course (Feb 1-March 28th) Image of Intermediate Course (Feb 1-March 28th)