'Waze Couture Fashion School was very helpful for understanding the basics of making clothes from scratch. The course included tips on how to cut time to make garments as well as tips on how to practice and what to use.

Before starting the course I had never used a sewing machine. Now I feel confident designing clothes and sewing the pieces together. The course also allowed us to be creative and taught us how to make our own preferred garments. While I got insight on how to make my designs, I also learned from the feedback the other students got for their designs. Overall the course was very useful for someone who is interested in making their own clothes.'



' I really enjoyed this class because it was an intimate small class where there was room to grow and really learn. I enjoyed that we could go over topics, even though it was a fast paced class.

The tips and tricks that were taught were really good and useful, especially when cutting down the time it takes to make garments. I really enjoyed this class and would sign up again.'



'Smart short cuts learnt, creativity encouraged, good resources provided, convenient location and I understood the type of learner I am and which areas I need to work on.'